All about Gerald GanglbauerMy Life in a Nutshell

  • Bilingual Born as Horst Gerald Ganglbauer on 24 February 1958 in Graz, Austria, father from Vienna, mother from Klagenfurt.
  • German 1969-1973 "Grazer Keplerspatzen"
    (boys choir at Kepler High School)
  • German 1980-1981 ambulance driver
    (national service at Red Cross)
  • German from 1980 articles, essays, short stories in magazines, newspapers and radio
  • German 1982-1984 "Perspektive"
    (co-founder and editor, Zeitschrift für Literatur)
  • German 1982-1986 married to Petra Ganglbauer
  • Bilingual Work in Finland (Tojala 1983)
  • German 1987-1988 "Gangan Viertel"
    (founder and editor, Zeitschrift über Literatur)
  • English 1989-1993 operated 4WD tours
    ("Waratah Adventure" to Alice Springs, Cairns, Darwin, Whitsunday Islands, and more Outback)
  • English from 1990 translator
    (essays, short stories and poems from Australian English into the German language)
  • German 1992 book editor
    (with Andreas Puff-Trojan: Textwechsel)
  • English 1995 dual citizen
    (awarded Australian citizenship)
  • Bilingual from 1996 published e-books
  • English 1996 "Gangway Magazine"
    (founder and editor in chief)
  • English 2003 elected UPC chairman
    (Ultimo Precinct Committee)
  • English 2003 key note speaker at TUAC
    (The Unifying Aspects of Cultures Conference)
  • German 2004 "Austrians Abroad"
    (founder of a worldwide expat community)
  • English 2006 diagnosed with early onset
    Parkinson's disease, became
    "Parkinson's Ambassador"
  • English 2006 elected AÖWB director
    (World Federation of Austrians Abroad)
  • English 2008-2010 "InterNations"
    Ambassador for Sydney
  • English 2010 Austrian delegate for ETTW (Europeans throughout the World)
  • Bilingual from 2013 resumed publishing
  • German 2014 elected PON president
    (Parkinsonline Austria)

Austria Center Vienna
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Weltbund-Tagung Bregenz
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ETTW Conference Bratislava
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PON President 2014
PON President Graz 2014, © Friesinger – Gerald Ganglbauer, Graz, Toijala, Vienna, Sydney, Chennai, Perth, Stattegg
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