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Volunteer for the Sydney Community

Prior to my retirement I designed and maintained community websites for the Ultimo Precinct Committee (2003–2011), CityRAGs and Free Beach Action NSW (since 2005).

Living an expat life for such a long time, I also connected fellow Austrians. On a local level with Austrians Abroad in Sydney as well as on a global scale with my Austrian world map of associations (2007) and the Austrians Abroad Forum (2004–2011), now – Weltweit Freunde (since 2011).


Austrians Abroad AÖWB | Forum
2004 – 2011

Austrians Abroad in Sydney

Austrians Abroad in Sydney | President
2004 – 2011


Austrians Abroad AÖWB | Map

Ultimo Society

Ultimo Society | Chairman
2003 – 2011

Free Beach Action NSW

Free Beach Action NSW | Convenor
2005 – 2010

Gangway Literary Magazine | Editor
1996 – – Gerald Ganglbauer, Graz, Toijala, Vienna, Sydney, Chennai, Perth, Stattegg
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